Well I guess I should welcome anyone who tries to listen to my predicted rambles, so… Welcome!  This past August I moved to a brand new city, one in which I had only briefly visited and knew very few people.  Packing up my stuff and heading 2-3 hours south and away from anything and anyone I know, I settled down in a place they call RVA.  Mind you I am not the most adventurous person and change is not a vocabulary word I usually welcome.  But here I am and this change in scenery has sparked my need to explore.  So here I am, 23 going on 24, new in the working world, new in a city and looking to spice things up a bit.

With my job that I love starting to take over my life a bit, I have decided I need to branch out and find an outlet.  Photography has always been an interest of mine and I’ve decided to make it more of a hobby and share it in a blog.  Yes, yes I am fully aware that blogging is the new “cliche” post grad, post sorority, 20 something thing “to do”, especially if you need something to entertain yourself.  So I am sitting in front of you fully admitting that I am jumping on the band wagon and don’t mind being judged (well…maybe just keep it to yourself).

On my blog you can find pictures that I’d like to share of places I’ve been and places I go.  I might not do a lot of “writing”, seeing as it’s not really my thing.  But I hope you like the pictures I post.  Feel free to write feedback (especially tips), seeing as I’m no pro and cannot pretend to be but would like to improve and strengthen a fun hobby.


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