Riveting RVA

So here goes, first post of pictures!  If you knew me, you’d know that I’m currently doing my little “Ooo I’m nervous” dance, which solidifies my existence as a total loser.  (As mentioned before, some judging is allowed and honestly expected)

Today I decided to go explore Richmond some with an old camp friend and my room mate.  We wanted to find Shockoe Bottom but instead found Belle Isle.  This turn of events ended up being perfect, especially at 4pm which provided great sunlight!

Really pretty old support beams. 

Black and White

I love the colors 


 In order to get to the island you cross over a hanging bridge.  Very neat.

 Yoikes!  Wouldn’t want to get stuck over there at night by accident.


“Live Outside The Box” 

Well that’s a wrap! 

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