Small Town, Bright Lights

Happy Holidays!!  So this past week I have been on break and in between running errands for my mom, finishing all my shopping and getting settled at home again I have gotten to enjoy a little down time.   I have always loved breaks because it gives me some time to indulge in my hobbies that I don’t always have time to do.  After crafting gifts for my family and friends, I turned to the photography book I bought a few months ago but haven’t had time to sit down and read.  With the “Complete Guide to Digital Photography” by Ian Farrell and a new tripod (thanks santa), by my side I had a little fun playing with the manual settings on my camera.

I set up my tripod and decided I wanted to take pictures of my mom’s christmas village.  I love the colors of the lights but they usually don’t turn out.  I changed the settings and the white balance to see what would happen.  Here are some of the results.

Aperture: f/20 Shutter Speed: 15.0 White Balance: AWB 

Aperture: f/20 Shutter Speed: 15.0 White Balance: AWB

Happy Holidays! -AMR

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