Elephants on a Bridge

This past week I had a lovely person visit me 🙂 and we decided to explore RVA.  We ventured downtown, parked the car in Shockoe Bottom and went down to take a walk down the canal.  The canal walk was not only beautiful but so educational!  As we walked we learned about how they built the canal to avoid floods in the 1800s.  We also passed the educational stopping points about Richmond’s role in the civil war.  Naturally I took my camera to see what I could find, set it to shutter speed priority and played around with white balance.  Check out what we found along the way and let me know what you think!

This is my favorite. 



What’re you lookin’ at?

The chains are from an old climbing spot.  The rock had fallen and took the other rocks behind it with it on the fall.  

Rockin’ Out


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