Winnah Winnah

Saturday morning I got an email from the “Pixoto Team” who announced to me that I had won an award.  A little confused I clicked on the link to make sure it wasn’t a prank, I mean let’s be real, I’ve never even won Bingo… Sure enough upon clicking the link and heading to my profile page on I found a pretty little banner pasted to my awards page.  What once was bare now says awards: 1!  (eek) The award is for the picture below which ranked in the top 20% in the Commercial and Journalism category for the best of 2011!  Now while it’s 20% out of a lot, the competition is intense considering its mostly professionals.

You’re probably wondering what the heck is this site anyway?  Well it’s an online photography contest that changes every minute!  Essentially you make a profile, upload pictures and they compete against other pictures in what’s called an “image duel”.  Your picture goes up against another (randomly selected from the category) and anyone can pick which one they like more.  Each time the image competes and wins, it moves up in the ranking by earning points.  Then they have competitions for every week, month and year!  Winning awards gets’ you “player points” and ranks you amongst the other photographers!  Check out the link below to see my page and to explore how works!

So here’s the picture and before I go I gotta give props to its origin.  A big shout out to some of my favorite guys from my alma mater.  MissingThe Fed right about now as this picture takes me back to some of my favorite college memories.


The “award”! 

Love love, AMR

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