High Noon Photography Workshop

It took me a little bit to blog about this because I wanted to edit all the pictures and make sure I really really liked them before posting them to the world.  I came across the High Noon Workshop when the Camera Club of Richmond president emailed the club the link.  I checked out the website and thought it sounded amazing, but was nervous that it would be filled with intimidating professionals.  After a quick email exchange with one of the instructors, I decided to go for it and registered early (to get the discount of course).  
So on June 10th, I headed downtown to the Tredegar Iron Works, by Belle Isle at 9am to start what would be a great experience.  The workshop included three sessions where you worked with the three instructors Adrian HensonAnthony Rumley, and Pete Wright.  I spent the morning with Anthony, taking pictures in natural light of the gorgeous model Pepper.  Then worked with Adrian to learn about using studio lights outside.  After an amazing lunch and I do mean amazing, I got to work with Pete Wright who taught us about wedding photography and posing models.   Then I got to hop in the James River and experienced my first “Trash the Dress” session!  
I have to say while I was very nervous and extremely intimidated after seeing huge telephoto lenses and major studio lighting set ups, I loved this workshop!  I learned so much about lighting and working with models and especially using my camera in a professional setting (eek!).  Mostly just getting practice and practice and practice was the best part especially since I’d never worked with models before or really even with people.  While it was challenging taking pictures of people that moved, blinked, and changed positions, it actually was a lot more fun than taking pictures of still life because there was so much more I could do! 
In any case, here are my favorites from the workshop!  Enjoy and please let me know what you think! 
Pepper is absolutely gorgeous! 

I love how sassy this is.

Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn

They are so cute!

The trash the dress was so fun!

Hope you enjoyed! <3 AMR

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