Greetings from camp!  I’m currently residing in the beautiful mountains of Virginia and having the time of my life at an all girls sleep away camp.  No air conditioning, living outside with 12 ten year olds may not sound ideal but trust me, it’s awesome!  Being a counselor is the best job seeing as your getting paid to be with amazing people and have a blast.  Sure it’s a lot of work and long hours, but having my daily rest hour nap makes it worth it.

In any case let’s get down to the point of this post, fireworks!  So for the Fourth of July every year our camp packs up our campers and staff and heads over the mountain in our famous “Hippie Bus” to see a concert and Fireworks.  It’s a little nerve racking for the staff but the kids have an amazing time dancing the night away.  I decided that I was just going to try and get fireworks this time.  I had tried before with my point and shoot and they always turned out blurry.  So I set my camera up with a higher ISO, leaned back in my crazy creek (a camping chair) and got ready to go.   Here’s what I came up with, enjoy and let me know what you think!

My Favorite! 

<3 AMR

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