Fields of Golden Flowers

“Fields of golden flowers, blowing in the wind…” is a line from one of my favorite camp songs and I think it perfectly depicts this post.  Before the campers got to camp, actually that morning, two fellow counselors and myself left camp at 5:20 am to catch the sunrise over the mountains.  This picture we were looking for was to show a particular stretch of road that goes directly into the mountainside.  It’s my favorite part of the drive because for a few seconds it looks and feels like you are driving straight into a mountain.  It’s beautiful and I love it.

Well we got up early, got into the car in our pjs (knowing that we were going back to bed when we got back) and left for this ideal picture.  Unfortunately the fog was so great, you couldn’t see any part of the mountain, so much so that we didn’t know where to park at first.  So we pulled over and waited for the fog to lift.  At about 6:15 we were on the verge of bagging it, when Catherine suggested getting out to explore the side of the road.  A field of hay bails, fog, wild flowers and some barbed wire later here’s what I came up with.

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think by commenting below!  🙂  AMR

2 thoughts on “Fields of Golden Flowers

  1. I wanted to pick a favorite and tell you how much I love it, but I couldn't pick just one!! I can't wait to go on photog dates around RVA with you

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