Butterfly Kisses

So the other night at outside dinner some campers came running up to me screaming “Alex, Alex, come look!”.  I love when they do this because it’s usually something related to science like a birds nest or eggs or something really interesting and cool.  What I found was one of our campers had a butterfly just chillin on her hand!  She was walking around with it, talking to others and the butterfly just stood by her side.  I got so excited I shrieked and ran to go get my camera!  After getting a few pictures of the butterfly friendship I left to start calling out cabins for dinner.  Within a few minutes the kids had come running back up to me exclaiming that the butterfly was now resting on her face!! Take a look!

My favorite by far 🙂 

I absolutely love this one! 

Just call her the butterfly whisperer! 
Love the colors! Beautiful eyes 🙂 

Cool right!? Hope you enjoyed!

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