Secret Garden

So this post may make me seem like a total nerd but hear me out.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who ever thinks about this but sometimes I wonder, well gee the world is pretty big to us humans, think about how big it must seem to a bug.  And then I saw these butterflies, it was as if they were asking me to take their picture.  The more pictures I took the more I thought about how cool the world of a butterfly would be.  Seriously think about it, flying around, catching a nice wind, going from flower to flower.  See I told you, total nerd alert.  In any case I picked my top favorite pictures from the 100 or so that I took which I think show this butterfly in her small secret garden 🙂

I love that she is not perfect.  She’s a surviver and I love it!

Love ya bye butterfly!

Catch you later!


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