Sweet Puppy Love

Welcome to the crazy world of the Robertson Family Bailey!

Being home for Thanksgiving has given me so many blessings.  Firstly just being able to be back in Charm City in my family home makes me so happy.  Also having a big family with four of us kids makes for a fun time, especially as we are all getting older and have reached similar maturity levels.  My extended family, aunts and uncles came in town for dinner and it was nice being able to talk and see each other.  Not to mention the food was INCREDIBLE!  You would never know that it was the first time my Mom hosted and cooked Thanksgiving dinner…sooo delicious.

Coming home this time also provided great excitement as my parents just brought home a new puppy, Bailey.  She is not only cute but so sweet!  She loves to be next to us and play.   She’s calm for a puppy though as she will just sit down by your feet and sleep next to you.  I will say that girlfriend knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let you know, she’ll look at you with cutest face and just bark to say, “Hey!  Look how cute I am!”

And look how cute she is!!! I LOVE her!!!

My favorite!

<3 amr

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