Good Morning!

Good morning from the Robertson household!  (Ps. I actually just wrote gorning instead of good morning but deleted it thinking that nobody would understand)  It’s my last morning up in Baltimore before I head back down to Virginia and start back at work on Monday morning.   This break was so relaxing and fun that I’m bummed to leave.  I am excited to see my students though and get back to a routine were I have productive days, versus pulling all nighters to finish Homeland (amazing show!).  And yes, by all nighter I really mean all nighter.  My sister and I stayed up till 6:30am finishing season 2 and woke up to my mom coming downstairs to go to work… Needless to say I’m a little nervous for my wake up call on Monday morning at 5:30am.

In any case this morning I woke up and needed to get my picture of the day for my 365 Project (more to come about this later).  I decided, I didn’t want to take a picture of my dog (again), even though she’s the cutest, so I asked my brother John to step in, knowing that he’d be a good sport.  I set up a chair by the window at a 45 degree angle and asked my sister to hold up a reflector (from a white present box).  He was a great sport but was a little annoyed that his cereal was getting soggy so I told him he could eat.   I’m pretty lucky to have brothers and a sister that put up with me each day. 🙂  I’m pretty much in love with the way they turned out and hope you enjoy them too!

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