Happy In Love

Erin and Adam are the type of couple that are so in love everyone can tell, instantly.  I work with Erin and when she asked me to take her pictures I enthusiastically said YES!  She is such a fun and down to earth person, I knew that it would be a blast.  Knowing that her and Adam were both UVA grads, Charlottesville seems like the idillic place to capture their love.  We met up at a sandwich place Lil John’s for lunch and meeting Adam for the first time I couldn’t help but notice that he is sooo tall!! She is 5’3″ and he’s 6’7″ 🙂

As we walked around UVA I asked them to show me around and take me to places that they loved while at UVA.  Obviously we went to the lawn and then headed to the Whispering Wall, the place where Adam first told Erin he was crazy about her! 🙂

Being around these two was not only fun, as we walked around and laughed through the day, but also such a treat to get a glipse of their love for each other.  They are so natural and comfortable with each other that their love shines through the pictures.  As they eskimo kiss and laugh through each moment together, there is no question that these two not only genuinely love one another but also deeply appreciate each other.

Congratulations on your engagement and thanks for letting me be a part of your journey to marriage!
Here are some of my favorites!



 ❤ amr

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