365 Project

A big project, a huge, intimidating and public project.  One in which the anyone can see and anyone can comment.  365 pictures (well 364, but I’ll get to that in a minute).  365 publicly shared pictures, intimidating you bet, pretty fun? yup.

The 365 project is a community of people who try and take a picture a day and share it online.  Each day you have to take one picture and then upload it.  You follow photographers and they can follow you too.  Each day when you upload the picture it can be favorited by people and commented on with advice, or praise.  I saw on a few photography blogs I follow of people who were doing it and just absolutely loved the experience and I thought, couldn’t hurt!  And so, I made the 365 project my new years resolution in hopes that it will make me step out of my daily routines and look for that one picture.  To notice small things that are beautiful but easily over looked and to explore beyond my every day life.

I was really intimidated at first to do this because I thought, well what if I fail, what if I can’t keep up with it and I can’t take a picture every single day?  What if I get busy, or tired or just lazy?  And I’m hear to tell you folks that in all due honesty, I have already “failed”, I missed a day.  It was a Sunday night, I had just finished all of my grading and I was tired.  As I laid in bed I kept thinking, I have to take my picture, what will my picture be?  And then… I fell asleep.  Yup, I fell asleep and am here to admit to you that I as a human am not perfect and frankly am pretty happy with this fact.  You would think that I would be so upset about missing a day, and to be honest I was scared I would but then Monday morning happened.  I woke up, went about my normal day and realized, it’s okay that I missed that picture.

You see, New Years Resolutions aren’t about being perfect or making yourself more perfect, it’s about finding something that you’d like to improve or try and going for it, a little bit at a time.  Even if you don’t go to the gym every single day, but you go more than you did before, you’ve already succeeded.  You’re trying.  I’m trying.  We’re all just humans, trying new things and even if I missed a day, that sleep on Sunday night, made me happier on Monday morning than the picture would have.

I am still trying each day to take my picture and I’m hoping I can make 364 look awesome, but I’m okay with the thought of missing a few of those days if it means I’m not stressing and just living, or of course sleeping now and again. 🙂

You can follow along with my 365 project at http://365project.org/amrobertson/365 or you can check in here.  I’m going to try and recap my weeks by posting the week’s photos on Fridays!  Stay tuned for the blog post about the pictures that almost made it.  It’s kind of a bummer that I have to pick just one picture since I usually end up with a few that I love.

Frozen Simplicity

Ocean Breeze
The Holiday
View from the Couch
Love Notes

Owl Light Up Your Day

Blue Love
From the Outside Looking In

Guilty Pleasure

Line Up


Kicked to the Curb

<3 AmR

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