Spring Snow

Once again, this post is a little overdue, however my computer physically would now allow me to post it! Any time I would try to edit or export these photos, my computer would just up and give up, as if to say “nah not today”.  So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  🙂

In any case, these pictures show perfectly how weird this spring in Virginia has been.  It has gone back between warm and cold and then right when the first day or spring comes about, it snows, alot.  So much snow in fact that we got a snow day, which I didn’t mind I have to say.  Regardless as soon as it started to snow it was beautiful, the type of snow that just covers everything, the kind you dream to wake up to on Christmas morning.  Well it definitely wasn’t Christmas but it was just as pretty in March.  I knew that the Cherry Blossom tree at the corner of our street had already started to bloom and thought, YES!! So I grabbed my camera, punctured a hole in a Target bag to cover my camera body and then while peeping out of a plastic bag, wearing sweatpants and UGGs, looking ridiculous, I got these pictures that I absolutely LOVE.  Hope you like!

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