Walk This Way

The best part of the spring is when the weather gets nice enough that you want to be outside.  I find myself hurrying out of work to experience the weather and going for walks just to enjoy what’s left of the day.  About a week or so ago I called my friend who I know loves to walk and suggested a walk around the fan.  We started walking towards downtown and just kept going.  Before we knew it we were on VCU’s campus, we looked at each other and without needing to discuss it, continued to walk.  Soon enough we had decided to walk down to Belle Isle, we were already by The Jefferson so might as well right?   We got down there right as the sun was setting and it was picture perfect as they say.  We didn’t walk over to belle isle but instead went on this overlook on Browns Island and just looked at the river.

It was quite a hike but when your walking with a good friend and with good conversations, its always a nice time.  I honestly could spend my whole summer looking at the river and relaxing, especially if I have good friends around.

Here are some favorites that I got from the day!

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