Country Roads, Take Me Home

“… to a place, where I belong…take me home, country roads!”

If you know me well you know that there is no place I’d rather be than hiding away in the mountains in the summer time.  If you’ve been reading through my blog then you also know that I’ve been a part of a camp community for over ten years and my camp family is a huge part of my life.  I’m not going back to camp this summer and am struggling to imagine my summer without the rolling hills and days spent in the Cowpasture River.  Two weekends ago I got a good tease of my summer home as a big group of camp friends got together for TWO celebrations.  On saturday night we all went to our dear friends the McGehee’s family celebration and on Sunday we had our friend Jess’ bridal shower.

Naturally I’d been looking forward to this weekend for awhile so on Friday when I got off work, I hurried home, threw my stuff in a bag, and left to travel to my home away from home, Millboro Springs Va.  This drive is a good two and a half hours through the winding mountain roads but I love every bit of it.  Once I hit Buffalo Gap and the mountains start to take over, I feel instantly at peace knowing that I’m almost there.  I arrived at my friends farm house and instantly the giggles began.  We talked into the night (probably till 3am), catching up, talking about boys and reminiscing about our times in the hills.

I woke up on Saturday morning and walked out of the cabin down to the main house that overlooks the mountain and the river and though and knew I was in heaven.  We sat on the back patio in our PJs, talked and enjoyed the scenery.  Later we went on a walk down to the river, went swimming and then got ready for the celebration.  And what a celebration it was!  The McGehee’s had a lot to celebrate with two of our friends graduating, a birthday and a wedding anniversary and the entire night was perfect!  The celebration took place at Garth Newel, which was done up with flowers, two bars, a band and amazing food.  We had an awesome time, dancing the night away and making new friends!  The night was topped off by traveling to a perfect spot to look at the stars, which were as beautiful as I’ve ever remembered them.

Sunday we woke up, packed and drove over the mountain for Jess’ bridal shower.  It was a great day with a few happy tears, and warm wishes for a wonderful friend and her future.

Here are a few pictures from a fun filled weekend with some of the best people I know in our home away from home.

Now for Jess’ bridal shower highlights!

 Working on the craft, we each had a scrapbook page with a picture of us and Jess on it, we could decorate it ourselves and write a note to Jess!

  We’re an emotional bunch.  Love you!

Her fiance is a camp guy!  His family owns the boys camp and they met at the camp dance (every girl’s dream!)

Shenandoah here we’ve found a place, where every joy is ours”

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