Jill and Clark CVP Reception!

This post is so special because it involves some of my oldest friends from high school!  My good friend Jill got married to the greatest guy Clark and when she asked me to bring my camera along to take pictures of their after reception (sounds better then an after party) I of course said yes!

Jill and Clark met at Charles Village Pub in Towson on St. Patricks Day and two years later to the date, he proposed!  When I first met Clark I thought, “he’s perfect for her!” and he really is.  When you see Clark and Jill together they are act like the old married couple everyone wants to be with the perfect recipe of comfort, banter and the look.  The look is one of my favorite things that great couples have; it’s  just this special way they look at each other, particularly when one person is doing something goofy or off beat and the other just looks at them as if they are the greatest person in the world.  It’s as if to say, ‘I’m so lucky because you’re my person’ with just this look and a brief genuine smile.  Jill and Clark are constantly giving the look to one another.  Whether Clark is being a goof ball or Jill is asking Clark to tuck in his shirt, they look at each other and silently tell the world that their love is the real deal, the old married, love you forever kind.

Jill and Clark got married at the quaintest church in Baltimore and then had their afternoon reception at the Baltimore Country Club.  With a steal drum band playing, signature drinks served in monogramed cups it was the perfect day (and of course the crab cakes were AMAZING!) Then later that evening we all headed to CVP (Charles Village Pub) to the place where it all started to celebrate!  Here are just a few pictures from the evening!  Congratulations to Jill and Clark!

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