Fan Parks… Nailed It!

So you may not realize it but the title of this blog post is quite the pun with a pretty interesting story.

Katie (my room mate) and I decided last Sunday that we were going to go for a walk around a few Fan Parks.  Katie has been taking the “Fundamentals of Digital Photography” from creative live (greatest class ever!) and has switched into practicing with Manual Mode.  I love this because I get to have a photo buddy to practice with!

We set off on our walk and about two minutes into the walk I stepped on a nail.  Yup, it happened.  Stuck in the back side of my heal.  I was really confused thinking I might have stepped on a stinger caterpillar, and then I saw it, quickly pulled it out and tried to walk it off.  I didn’t think much of it because it didn’t hurt and the nail seemed clean so I wasn’t to worried.  As we kept walking and my heal kept bleeding we decided to stop at Strawberry St. Market to pick up some napkins and hand sanitizer.  Once inside, I cleaned myself up and put some disinfectant on the cut and decided to go on my merry on way.  Good thing too because I got some really pretty pictures 🙂

When I got home I called up Sterling to tell him what happened. “You’ll never guess what happened to me today!”  “What?”  “I stepped on a nail!”  “So…. you went to the emergency room?”  “No… then they’d make me get a tetanus booster.” (Needles and shots are my biggest fear, I genuinely get anxiety and have a panic attach when getting shots).   After admitting that I didn’t go and get my foot checked out, Sterling suggested I call my Dad (he’s a doctor) and ask him.  After a little whining (on my part) and then Sterling threatening to call my dad himself, I called him.  I tried to play if off cool as if it was no big deal hoping he wouldn’t make me go get the tetanus booster… “Yeah, it’s no big deal, it was clean and it didn’t go in too deep… oh well maybe a centimeter…”

Well long story shoot, I was forced to go (my Dad made it sound pretty life or death, which I thought was a bit dramatic but you know Dads…).  I called Patient First, grabbed my room mates and headed to get the dreaded shot.

After a lot of tears, a mini panic attack, some laughing nurses (it was quite a site), and one very nice nurse who let me hug onto her as I sobbed “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!” into her hair, the shot was delivered and an instant sigh of “it’s done” swept over me.

So after all that, I came back and got to edit these pictures, which I love, so I guess it was all worth it after all.  Hope you like them!

Saw this kitty snoozing in the park, I’m not a cat person but this cat was so friendly!

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