Katie & Hagan Engaged

Pt. 1: The Fan District 
I should start off by saying that Katie is my room mate and when she asked if I would mind taking her engagement pictures at two locations I said of course, we’ll do a two parter!! So this is part one and was taken around our house in the fan.  Part two will be at their venue, Dellwood Plantation near Chesterfield.  
I’ve known Katie since she was a COB (continuous open bid) for Alpha Phi my sophomore year.  We spent a lot of time together in the sorority from recruitment, to Aphiasco week, to Greek Sing and I knew she had a pretty serious boyfriend from Bridgewater.  Katie and Hagan met at a JMU get together even though Hagan played football at Bridgewater as the quarterback.  It was an unlikely match as she was the “nerdy” (her words) Bio major and he was the football star.  Though you wouldn’t think to match them up, they were instantly attracted to each other, proving that opposites really do attract.  
It wasn’t until we moved in to our townhouse in Richmond that I really got to know Hagan and their relationship.  Hagan is the sweetest guy and would do anything for Katie, heck he will even go to 7-11 and pick me up a Diet Coke just to be nice.  They are the type of couple that just likes to be together, whether it is going to short pump to pick something up, making dinner together or watching movies on the couch, they love each other’s company.  
What I loved most about this session was how genuine they are and how comfortable they were with each other and with me.  Half of the images were Hagan and Katie’s idea which was so refreshing and fun!  Hagan would say “Hey Alex, let’s get a picture of me giving her this flower!”  I knew these images would be stunning and even though I am slightly biased, I think they are lovely.  🙂  I’m sure you’ll know exactly what I mean when you see how stunning the two of them are!  

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