Palmer Family

Family portraits and children’s photography is something I’ve become very interested in and when I was offered the change to take the Palmer’s family portraits, I jumped at it.  The reason being, that I love kids and I love being around them.  I love their stories, their smiles and their imagination.  Throughout the past few years of having this blog, switching to manual mode and taking more and more photos, I’ve found myself wanting to take pictures of people more and more.  I love capturing their personalities or love for one another, it seems to mean so much more than a picture of a flower (don’t get me wrong though I still love taking pictures of nature!).  With kids, their personalities are so evident because they have no reason to be anything but themselves, which I LOVE!  It’s so refreshing to be around people (small people that is), that are blissfully themselves and simply love life!

This is what I found with the Palmer family and their adorable little girls!  I had the best time being with them and getting to know their girls.  They were so sweet and fun as they laughed at my corny jokes, giggled with their parents and played.  You can also tell how much they love each other as the youngest would look at the back of the camera and smile as she named all her family members and the oldest gleamed with pride when I mentioned what a great older sister she was.  These photographs are some of my favorites that I’ve ever taken.  I love the way you can see their joy and wonder in their eyes and how expressive they are!  Thank you so much to the Palmer family for letting me into your home to capture a glimpse of your beautiful family!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day, hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

A favorite!!!

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