Christmas Recap 2013

It truly is the best time of the year.  While Christmas day has come and past I love that the feeling of renewal is still with us.  It is almost New Years Eve and with a new year approaching it feels like anything is possible.  What are resolutions for if not to think of ways to be better and leave the past behind us.  I love that after Christmas I feel refreshed and ready for the celebration of a new start to begin.  I look forward to making new goals, dreaming bigger and planning for improvements.  Not to say that what is past is unworthy but I feel that each year builds upon itself and lays a deeper foundation  to lift you up to a better self.  (Cheesy I know… but really!)  
For me, my goals this year are to be healthier by packing my lunch each day, drinking more water and eating breakfast.  I also want to shoot more and would love to photograph more family and children’s portraits. 🙂  For school my goal is to get my independent study plan for my super advanced students in place so they feel equally challenged.   

So enough about me, here are my favorite pictures from this past Christmas!  
My Mom is a nurse and my Dad is a doctor so they love their medical christmas decorations and so do I! 
My grandfather is almost 90 and is he still as handsome as ever! 

My siblings playing games 🙂 
My Mom always gets us a board game for Christmas so we can play together. 

Tired after all those games! 

My Aunt and my sister. 

Uncle Theo looking sharp. 

Uncle Scott 
My brother John.  Photography is a pretty significant hobby in our house. 🙂 

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