Sylvester is 90!

This past weekend I traveled up to Bethany Beach Delaware to celebrate my Grandfather’s 90th birthday.  90th birthday, let that sink in because when I do, I realize that my grandfather was born in the 20s and witnessed some of America’s greatest milestones.  We got up to the beach on Friday night and woke up early on Saturday to celebrate!  He was so excited all day, he took a nap just so he’d be awake the whole time, got dressed up in his coat and tie and was dancing around the house while he waited for the rest of us to get ready.  (He’s the cutest!)  We made invitations for him to hand out to his friends and neighbors and 120 people later it became one hoppin birthday party.

What I should tell you about my grandfather is that he loves to talk to anyone and everyone.  He walks around his whole neighborhood all day long talking to people, goes to church every day to pray and socialize and goes to the senior center to hang out with his friends and meet with the blind group.  The man is 90 years old, legally blind (more visually impaired as he can see in his peripherals and has a blurry sense of direct vision), and wears hearing aids to help him hear.  He’s completely independent except for needing rides to church and of course his favorite store BJs.  🙂  Even through all of the changes and challenges that he has faced, he always stays positive and moves forward.  This way of life and positive outlook is the reason why so many people are drawn to him and grow to love him.

A few years ago when my grandmother passed away my grandfather turned to me after the funeral and said “Alex, I’m going to live till I’m 100 and have lots of friends”.  Well he definitely has lots of friends, 120 of which came to celebrate his birthday with lunch and cake.

My Aunt naturally delegated tasks for the party, my mom was in charge of decorations and my aunt and uncle were in charge of the invites and the slideshow.  Balloons and signs made the room feel cheerful but was the most special decoration and take away was a booklet my mom made with facts for each decade he was alive.  Each page contained historical events, discoveries and trends for the decade; it also included key moments of my grandfather’s life.  🙂  The slideshow was fantastic and included pictures from Italy where his family is from, pictures from when he was in the Navy, when he was dating my Grandmother, married her, had babies and grand-babies and more.  The whole day was so special and filled with family and all of his friends.

My grandfather is so special, generous and loving.  He gives us all so much joy and being able to do this for him and see how happy it made him was truly incredible.  When I asked him if he liked his party he said “Oh yes, we’re going to do this again!”  Haha!  Enjoy the pictures from the day and seeing how blessed we are to have him with us for so long!  As he liked to say “I’m starting a new life, a new chapter!” so I hope the rest of his life is just as wonderful as the first 9 decades. 🙂

My Grandfather and his Nephew!

A woman from the blind community who was dressed to the nines! 

See what I mean?  Social butterfly!

Clapping along while everyone sang him happy birthday.  Please note his button that lit up!

Blowing out the candles!

My family minus Lindsay (my sister).  Awkward sorority pose by my brothers. 
Instagram picture of me and my brothers! 
Lindsay couldn’t make it so she Facetimed in and then was projected in front of the entire room! She’ll kill me for posting this but it’s just so fun!

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