Room Raiders pt. 1

The past few weeks we have had an abnormal amount of snow days.  Now I am not complaining because I LOVE sleeping in and being semi productive.  Well for the past two snow days that we got I was super productive.  My room was in a state of chaos, my whole wardrobe was clean (a small win) but was sitting in baskets needing to be folded and get more and more wrinkly.  What’s worse is I had a basket of “to be ironed” in my room with clothes in it that I hadn’t seen for… let’s just say awhile…
On top of this I had some diet coke cups piling up and had general straightening up to do.  So I woke up on Thursday and thought “yes, this is my goal for today”.  And by George I did it!  All clothes folded, put away, ironed (finally), and! I even vacuumed!

So I naturally I’m feeling pretty good about this and thought, I’m going to blog about this!  Then I realized well… nobody wants to look at pictures of my room… that’s boring and then I was reminded of that old MTV show “Room Raiders”.  You remember, it was the dating show were people got taken from their room at random and the person they want to date gets to go through their room/stuff and try and learn more about them.  Then based on their judgements they decide who they want to date.  Now I fully believe in the “don’t judge a book by its cover” mentality but I do think there is a lot you can learn from a person’s room and the things they have in it.  I love my room and I spend a lot of time in my room so all the things that are important to me are in some way showcased or reside in my room.  Some are small tokens, videos or pictures but all of them make me happy.

SO!  Here it goes, Room Raiders pt. 1 (the outside, meaning not looking in drawers, or in my closets etc.) Let’s see how much you can figure out about me based on what you see.  I’m not going to tell you what I was going for until the next post so stay tuned.

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