Snow Day

This weekend was crazy in terms of weather!  Friday was freezing, then Saturday and Sunday come along and not only are they sunny but they are warm!  On Sunday the temperatures were in the 70s and all I kept thinking was “I could get used to this“.  Sunday I had my encouragement session with Ashley from V.A. Photography  (blog post about this to come) and by the afternoon the clouds had swooped in and the temperatures were starting to drop.  By Monday morning, it was sleeting, our fearless leader from central office called for the inevitable SNOW DAY and my joyous heart rolled over and fell back to sleep.  When I finally woke up 🙂 I was pleased to see snow.   Many of my colleagues and friends have grown tired of the snow and are praying for spring to come.  While I have to agree that I’m ready for the warm weather, nothing makes my heart skip a beat like fresh snow blanketing the Earth.  Everything seems cleaner, happier and prettier with snow covering it and I just love the transformation.

So I spent my day laying in bed, grading, playing “Threes” (the new game on my iphone that I’m obsessed with), drinking hot chocolate and playing in the snow with my roommate.  I just love the natural reflector that snow provides to brighten up images.  Here are my favorites from today!

My room mate Katie!  Recognize her from her engagement pictures!? 

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