Teacher Tuesday– Incredible Me

Today’s Teacher Tuesday post couldn’t come at a better time.  Yesterday we kicked off our kindness initiative at school that  a bunch of teachers have been working on for months!  I am beaming with delight for how well it went.

Our idea is to spread kindness through our school so that it becomes part of our school environment!  We’re doing this by starting a school wide competition for random acts of kindness.  When students are kind to one another they will fill out a kindness card for that person and turn it into their grade’s drop box for credit!  The grade with the most kindness cards at the end of the year will get to have a grade level carnival that they plan!

All the small logistics got planned out but we needed a theme, and then we came up with “Incredible Me” (like Despicable Me!)  We hung up our “Incredible Me” posters that are all minion themed and the teachers dressed up like minions.  In the gym classes we pitched it to them and showed all the kids the video that Jen (one of my administrators) made to get everyone hyped up!  I have to admit I was incredibly nervous because it all depended on the kids and if they liked it.  As each block passed and the students saw the video, you could feel the excitement building in the air!  The kids were asking questions about how to fill out the cards, who they can give it to, if teachers are participating and more!  They were so excited and were even slipping the cards under Jen’s door at the end of the day 🙂  As they left for the day more and more kindness cards kept coming in.  One girl wrote a note asking if she could go around the school during her 1A class to put up nice sticky notes on everyone’s lockers.  The best part was she even mentioned how she didn’t want the credit to go towards the carnival 🙂

This is honestly what I love about kids, they never fail to surprise you with how big their hearts are.  I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes throughout the year but in the mean time take a look at the video that Jen made!

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