Just Another MANIC MONDAY #1

I’m sure everyone feels this way; Sunday rolls around and a little wave of anxiety sets in as you realize all that you have to do to prepare for the week.  The weekend is over and its time to kick into efficiency mode again.  While I do love sleeping in on the weekends and being able to take my time completing my to do list, I have to admit that I don’t hate Mondays.  I know, I know, you are all rolling your eyes as my eternal optimism shines but seriously, I like Mondays!  I like the first day of the week and getting my to do list all set and starting the week fresh.  Now Tuesday-Thursday, not my favorite, but Mondays I can do!  

From this feeling of Sunday stress came the idea for my Manic Monday blog post.  It will be plain and simple and will be my optimistic to do list for the week.  The way I like to organize my to do list is a “Do Now” and a “Do Later” column so I know what my priorities are.  
So here is my Manic Monday to do list (luckily I have a snow day to check some of these off): 
Grocery Shopping:  It is shameful how many to go orders I’ve made recently because I haven’t made the time to go grocery shopping.  Today’s the day and I’m going to get food to make chicken salad for my lunches for the week!  (See recipe below… it’s really yummy)
LAUNDRY:  Another simple chore I have seriously procrastinated on… when you are down to your last pair of socks (among other things) then it is officially time to bite the bullet and wash, dry, fold, iron.  
Grade: The marking period is closing soon… need I say more. 
Create:  This one is exciting because it has to do with photography and not my measly chores.  When Ashley and I met we spent a great deal of time talking about Packages to offer clients.  I have some ideas brewing and will be blogging about these soon with some great deals in mind!  If you are interested in hearing more and want to day dream about the weather warming up and taking some sunny portraits, contact me 🙂 
Do Later: 
Sew:  I’ve been working on a quilt for a long time and need to make small amount of time one day a week to just sew a little.  It’s also really relaxing especially when I have good friends join me 🙂 
Oil Pulling:  This is a weird one… and I mean really weird.  A girl I know from home has been blogging about oil pulling and how great it is.  I started reading up on it and seeing what it is all about and let’s just say I’m curious.  Essentially you spend 20 minutes a morning swishing around coconut oil in your mouth.  Apparently it will kill the germs in your mouth, whiten your teeth and way more.   I don’t like coconut and I am weird about textures so I’m feeling skeptical but curious enough that I want to try it…  I’ll let you know if I try it and what it’s like.  
Welp that’s all for now… wish me luck and HAPPY MONDAY!  
RECIPE for Chicken Salad: 
1/2 cup Mayo 
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 
1/2 cup sliced almonds 
1 tablespoon lemon juice 
2 cups chopped cooked chicken 
-Cranberries (as much as you would like) 
-1 chopped green apple 
-Grapes sliced into 1/4ths 
Mix all ingredients into large mixing bowl and enjoy!  
I personally enjoy almonds to be cooked so I put them in a skillet over medium heat with some lemon juice, just to brown them up some.  Also for the fruit, I add a lot so it’s chunky but it is completely up to you.  

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