Just another Manic Monday #2

We meet again Monday.  Another fresh start, another week closer to spring break, to summer, to warm weather and do I dare say… another snow day?  I really hope not.  Don’t get me wrong I love snow, in fact I scream like a little girl at the site of the first snow flakes of the season.  However I love snow when it’s overwhelming, blanketing everything, deep, can’t leave the house, hope I have enough mini marshmallows for my hot chocolate, snow.  So I’m going to be a bit of a grinch and say that I don’t want snow on Tuesday mostly because I think we’ve had our fair share and I’m ready for warm weather.

Since my to do list is looking very similar to last week… I decided to do more of a weekend wrap up and think back on an amazing weekend!

Weekend Wrap Up
I got to see old friends, listen to a lot of live music and enjoy the beautiful weather.  On Friday Sterling and I headed to Charlottesville to his parents house to enjoy some time together.  His mom cooked some chicken from scratch for Sterling and I, his sister Sarah, her husband Ian and obviously Sterling’s Mom and Dad.  After dinner we played this game called “Heads Up” which is an app for your phone.   It’s basically Taboo meets catch phrase but you put your phone to your head and it video tapes the team mates trying to explain the words.  It was soo fun, we played boys vs. girls and laughed and laughed for hours.  Afterwards I passed out on the couch while UVA beat Coastal Carolina.

Fast forward to Saturday and Sterling and I decided to go to JMU to see some of our close friends who traveled back for a band that was playing.  We spent the whole day hanging out outside, listening to a live country band, cooking hamburgers and relaxing with old friends.  We couldn’t leave JMU without going over Outpost (the university’s unofficial bookstore) and I picked up a new t-shirt and sweatshirt.

We left JMU and headed back to Charlottesville since we had tickets for a concert at The Southern. After a quick nap we headed to get a slice of pizza at the downtown mall and then made our way over to the concert.  So I just have to say that I was excited for this concert but did not know exactly what to expect.  We saw St. Paul and the Broken Bones, who are undeniably incredible.  This soulful band feels old school in the best way possible.  The lead singer Paul has a voice that drips of deep southern soul and instantly fills you up with warmth.  I could have listened to them all day and came home and immediately downloaded their CD off of iTunes.  Sterling’s Dad was a musician so he went to the backstage door and started talking to the band which inevitably led to Sterling and I getting to talk to them for awhile.  This guys were so down to earth and just loving the chance to play their music.  We got a picture with Sterling and Paul and then headed home.  We wrapped up the night watching Frozen, of course 🙂  Don’t judge my iphone pictures and make sure you click the video to hear this band!

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