Teacher Tuesday – MEGAMANGI

So today I’m going to share with you my all time favorite review game to play with students…MEGAMANJI! It is basically three review games combined for the ultimate game of strategy, skill and fun.  Here’s how it works…

Each team starts with 5 points.  Each team gets asked a question and if they get the question correct they can take one point away from another team OR they can shoot the trash ball (the points are written on the board and are simply erased when they are taken away).  If a student shoots from the “free throw” line and makes it, they can take two points away from another team (or two teams), if they shoot from the 3 point line and make it, then they can take three points away.  (I put the trashcan on top of the counter and then put duct tape down on the floor for the shot lines)  The teams are competing to maintain the most points but can not add points back to their team.

Once a team is eliminated then they are playing to get back into the game.  IF they get their question correct instead of taking a point away from another team, they pull from the “Leap Frog” pile (using my leap frog cards from the “Leap Frog” game).  The cards vary in point value from 1 point to 100 points.  For every 20 points that are pulled the team gets 1 point added back to their team.  Example:  If they pull the 50 card they get two points to re-enter the game, if they pull the 100 card then they get all 5 points back.  There is also a “Leap Frog” card which means they get no points and essentially get skipped.

If the team gets the question wrong then the question gets passed to the next team.

Teacher Key:  I always tell students that I am the master of games and can take points away for teams that talk out of term or for being unsportsmanlike.  If a team keeps talking they can get negative points which means their next turn, even if they get their question correct, they do not get to pull a leap frog card.

This game gets so heated as the kids love shooting the trash ball and the strategy needed to win.  The best part is that no team is truly “out” and not participating because they can re-enter.  I’ve had some teams get eliminated and then pull the 100 card for 5 points and win!  Let me know if you try it with your students and how they like it, mine love it and beg to play before tests.  🙂

I attached the leap frog cards for you just in case you want to play!
Leap Frog Cards

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