Lessons from Dory – Loyalty

So one of my favorite movies is Finding Nemo, and I have to say I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons from this movie.

I learned to never let peer pressure make you do something silly and dangerous like going to touch the “butt”.  Try and trust new people that you meet like sharks… but be smart because they may turn on you.  Good friends will do anything to help you reach your goals like escaping from tanks or jumping through a sea of jellies.  And finally the best lesson to be learned from Finding Nemo is loyalty, Dory Style.

Dory is undoubtably one of the most loyal characters that Disney has produced.  For the majority of the movie she can’t even remember her mission and only remembers to “just keep swimming”.  She follows a new friend and conquers seemingly impossible odds and barriers to help another.  She is selfless, honest and by loyally standing by Marlin through thick and thin he is able to achieve his goals.

As I published the Facebook page and website I realized how many Dorys I have in my life.  I had an overwhelming amount of people like the page and express support.  I have people who actually check in and read my blog and who spread the word.  Your loyalty and support does not go unnoticed, it has lifted me up and made me realize I can do this.  You are helping me achieve my goals simply by reading these very words and I am incredibly grateful.

To show how grateful I am I’ve come up with… drumroll please… LOYALTY CARDS!  Loyalty cards are my way of saying thank you for supporting me on this adventure.  For returning clients, referrals, or helping me spread the word, these cards have a special offer of a complimentary album included with a portrait session. 🙂  Who doesn’t like free albums to cherish all your images?  (I know I do!)

So I’m ready to start giving these out!  The first five people who comment on this blog post with their name and email, will get this special offer as a thank you for following along and taking the time to read my blog and support me.  You really are the best 🙂  Anyone else who comments will get put into a drawing to get this special offer!  So go ahead, comment, you know you want some portraits taken with an album!

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