Spring Break ’14 (a preview)

I’m realizing that I haven’t checked in with you all for a while!  Currently I’m on Spring Break (teacher perks) and have been relaxing in Kiawah with some friends.  My camp friend, Leslie, and her family invited me to join them on their Spring Break in this beautiful house on Kiawah Island.  I’m feeling pretty spoiled, being surrounding by palmetto trees, warm(ish) weather and the beach!  Not to mention Leslie’s cousin, Alice, has two adorable kids that are so fun and full of smiles!

I have been taking full advantage of sleeping in, hanging out in “comfy pants,” lounging on the beach and reading.  I got to finish an entire book (Fault in Our Stars) this trip, which never happens!  Now if only I could stay focused long enough to get some school work done, then I’d be in business.  I’ve also been taking some beautiful photographs and have been editing as I go.  They are just so pretty 🙂  
I’ll be blogging more about this, next week but until then, here is some eye candy of my trip 🙂  If you’re looking for me, I’ll be lounging about and avoiding the gators.  
I love Spanish Moss 🙂 

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