Fun with the Fruths

Spending spring break in Kiawah was exactly what I needed.  The Fruths were so kind to invite me along to join them on their trip!  While it was a little chilly we still enjoyed riding bikes around, sitting in comfy chairs and reading, and of course playing games!  Besides getting to relax, sleep in and read, my favorite part of the trip was meeting all of these wonderful people.

In the house was Alice and Alex, their two kids, Patrick and Helen, Alice’s dad, Alex’s parents, Jessica and Leslie.  So fun!  I’ll tell you something, there is nothing cuter then watching grandparents interact with little ones.  Patrick and Helen adore their grandparents, they wanted to do everything with them, from playing airplanes, to going on walks.  It is so sweet to watch their eyes light up over the smallest things like the airport or crawling around on the floor.

I could go on and on about all the delicious food we ate, walking around Charleston and the fun we had on the beach, but I honestly think these images speak for themselves and I’m just too excited to keep you reading any longer!  Enjoy!

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