Summer Time

Easy living it is! School is out for summer and I am more than excited.  I plan to reunite with my blog and anyone who ventures here to read 🙂  (Sorry it has been so long friends)

My favorite part of summer is the time it gives me to relax, read, laugh with old friends and embark on adventures.  Last year was full of friend’s weddings, pool time and of course my grand adventure, driving across country.  This year’s grand adventure is a bit smaller, requires a lot more time at home but is sure to be ALOT of fun.  Many of you know, but for those who don’t, you’ll have to wait for the big announcement later this week 🙂

Now friends, I’m off to the pool but here is a summer flashback to some of my favorite moments/pictures from last year.  Hopefully this summer will be full of warm days, cool nights, tons and tons of lightning bugs, my nikon and tons of fun.  Happy Summer yall!

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