Randi & Sean Engaged

A North Beach Engagement Session
I first met Randi in high school when I was singing in 7th Avenue (one of our high school’s a cappella groups).  Randi was an alumna of St. Paul’s and of our a cappella group and she would graciously come back to coach us.  She arranged our music and spend hours upon hours helping us learn our music.  She is the type of person that gives endlessly to others because she loves to help.  Sean is a perfect match for her as he is an ER nurse, and as anyone can attest, nurses consistently give to others with out asking for anything in return.   
When I reunited with Randi and met Sean, I knew instantly it would be a wonderful and relaxed session.  We met up at North Beach, a small beach off of the Chesapeake Bay right outside of DC.  It is the cutest small town with a large pier, sandy beach, painted murals, a boardwalk and little antique shops.  The weather was perfect, warm but not blasting hot and with a cloudless sky, the light was beautiful.  
Randi, Sean, Sean’s mom and I walked around town and down little paths to private beaches, avoided snakes and got a little wet while wading in the bay.  A huge thank you to Sean’s Mom who was so helpful the whole day!  
As you’ll see in these images, Randi and Sean’s love shines in all of their interactions.  We spent the whole day laughing.  They were such naturals in front of the camera, I barely had to do any direction, they just instantly snuggled up and showed off their deep connection.  These images showcase some of my favorites from each location, but I have to be honest and say that I had a hard time narrowing down the selection since I just LOVE them all.  Enjoy these stunning images and to Randi and Sean, congratulations, you two are a match made in heaven and are destined to have a wonderful life together!  

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