Manic Monday (3)

It’s Monday!  I’m thrilled… honestly!  I know this makes me sound so annoying, but mondays aren’t so bad when you’re on break.  Now I know you you’re rolling your eyes reading this but honestly I’m ready to get stuff done!  For this round of Manic Monday there is a little treat at the end so hopefully you’ll read to the bottom (that or you’ll just scroll all the way there).

Week To Do’s: 
Packaging: This week my top priority is to work on my packaging for clients.  I have some big ideas but I need to head over to Michael’s and piece these ideas together.  I want to showcase the photographs but also have some fun with colors and tying it all together. 
Print New Pictures: For those of you who don’t know, I recently moved into a one bedroom apartment.  Now by recently, I really mean around memorial day weekend.  I love having my own space and plenty of room to decorate.  Everything is unpacked except… my pictures.  If you saw my post “room raiders”, you know that I love hanging tons of pictures across the walls.  Well in my new place I have plenty of empty wall space that is begging for pictures.  So my other goal for this week is to go through my pictures and decide which ones I will keep in frames and which ones I will switch out.  This also means printing new pictures and hanging them… a daunting task.   
Do Later: 
Sew Pillows: So here is another fact about me… I am a procrastinator…. big time.  Last year around this time, I bought lots of small to medium sized pillows and even fabric in order to sew pillow covers.  I had some old sweatshirts and t-shirts with these great owl prints (owls are my favorite), so I cut out the owls so that I could appliqué them onto the pillow… Well now, after sitting in a bag for awhile, it is officially time to put this task on the to do list and get it done! 
Hang Pictures: Oh yeah… those pictures I talked about printing out earlier… they need to be hung after I print them… along with all my other wall art… 
And now for the new addition to Manic Mondays: Corny Jokes!  
What you should know about me is that I crack myself up and I love corny jokes.  I also love to personify anything and everything but that is for another post.  So I figured what is the best way to brighten up a Monday… share corny jokes!  So here is the first joke compliments of the internet.

Coming to the blog tomorrow: Miss Winnie! 

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