Meet Winnie

This will serve as the first of what I can only assume will be many posts about my dog Winnie…. I’m sure you don’t mind, I mean she is really stinkin cute.  In any case, I’ve had her for a week now and it’s officially time to debut her and all her glory!  As you will soon see in these pictures, Winnie is not only sweet as can be but also so mellow!  She loves to sleep under furniture or even on the bottom layer of the coffee table.  She gets a little hyper around 8pm, but other than that will spend the entire day sleeping if she is given the chance.  I would worry about this except she also likes to sleep through the night!  Seriously folks!  An 8 week old puppy who goes to her crate and goes to sleep until 9:30am without crying?  I feel like I should pinch myself because I think I hit the puppy jackpot.

I knew Winnie would be a great fit for me the minute I picked her up.  We drove out to West Virginia to meet the breeder and there she was, sitting in a play pen, waiting for us.  The breeder handed her over and she just cuddled up and looked at me as if to say “okay, this suits me”.  She was so perfectly happy just falling asleep in my arms within 5 minutes of holding her.  She slept the entire drive home in my lap while my Dad drove and got up occasionally to reposition herself.

Now she isn’t perfect, she is teething so she likes to chew things but as long as her keys (baby teething keys also made for puppies) are near by, she’ll grab those and go to town.  She has had a few accidents but not nearly as many as I thought.  If she is outside and near grass she’ll take herself over there to go.  The second day of having her, I was at my parents house in Baltimore, we were outside sitting around and I had her in my lap on a chair.  She got up, jumped off the arm of the chair, marched over the grass to go to the bathroom and then came right back as if nothing had happened.  This was mind you, in the middle of a huge thunder storm!  But like all puppies, she hasn’t associated the door with going outside to the bathroom yet.

I can not begin to express how much I love this little fire ball and the way she runs to me with excitement.  Seeing her little tail wag around when I first get back from an errand and let her out, makes everything seem happy.  She loves to follow me from room to room, as if she is missing out if she is by herself.  I just love her sweet disposition and how loving she is.  So here are some of my favorite pictures I took this weekend of Miss Winnie, her little head tilt and puzzled look is the best.  As you can see she loves to sleep!  Happy Tuesday everyone, and for those who have dogs, give them an extra kiss and take a picture of them!  I know I will cherish these pictures of her sweet face as she gets bigger and bigger.

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