Manic Monday (4)

Happy Monday everyone! Here is my week to do list at a glance!  Along with the best part of this post… a corny joke!  Enjoy!

Do Now:
Print Pictures:  Sad to say this has carried over from last week, but I have a plan!  I need to lay out all my frames in their arrangements and put post its down for the ones I want to change out.  Then I’m going to make a list of the sizes I need so that when I go to print, I know exactly what I need.  In the past I usually just blindly print pictures I love and then have to out and buy all new frames to fit them.  This left me last year with four large frames that I never unwrapped….

Finish Sewing Bow Ties:  In case you didn’t know, I love to sew and I have a small obsession with fabrics!  I’ve been sewing custom bow ties for Sterling for years and finally he politely told me he had too many… So now I’m sewing them for fun and selling them on etsy!  Check out  to see what is already ready to go.  I’ll keep you updated on new ones 🙂

Find More Adventures:  I had the best time this past Saturday exploring downtown Richmond with one of my good friends.  My goal this week is to go exploring with my trusty camera and find beauty!

I don’t actually have any “Do Laters” this week so in the meantime… here’s the corny joke!

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