Adventure is Out There

Adventure is Out There: 
Pipeline Walk RVA

One of my favorite pixar movies is Up, not just because of the brilliant colors and the funny lines but because of the underlining message.  The idea that we all have a choice.  We can either sit back and accept our situation and carelessly live through our days without thought or purpose, or we can push ourselves and explore.

I love this concept because I have to remind myself not to take my time for granted and to push myself to do new things.  Now you should know that I am not brave, in fact I’m the type of girl who went to the “tower” at JMU my senior year because “YOLO” and then spent an hour at the top before finally building up the courage (and frustration) to make the 36 foot plunge into the water.

What I’m starting to realize though is that ultimately when partaking in adventures the end result and memory overpowers the fear that you once had.  For every adventure I’ve taken (driving across country, jumping from the tower, starting this blog, etc.) I’ve been in some way fearful at first.  Once I’ve taken the plunge though and looking back, I can say that the experience is what I remember the most and the fear is simply a side note.

This past weekend one of my best friends Jessie and I went to the Farmer’s Market off 17th street in downtown RVA.  When we got there though it must have ended because there was no-one there and all the vendors were gone.  Instead we decided to walk along the canal walk and explore.  We got to an intersection that was closed off and decided to walk a different path and what we found was awesome! Tucked away along the river is an old pipe that has been made into a path.  You walk down a metal ladder onto a pipe and can stroll along the river.  It was beautiful and even with very harsh lighting and extreme heat, we had a great time and got some really nice pictures.

If anyone is interested in taking portraits at this location in the golden hour when the light is just right I would LOVE to anytime!  Seriously though this location is beautiful.  Take a look for yourself!

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