Manic Monday (5)

Last Wednesday I got to go home for my Dad’s birthday!  I’ve been relaxing in Baltimore and loving this quality family time.  We’ve been hanging out by the pool, eating crabs, sewing bow ties and watching a lot of baseball.  All four kids, my parents and the two dogs are quite the bunch, lots of personality and plenty of sass and wit.  

The two dogs (Bailey- our family dog and Winnie- my puppy) are obsessed with each other and love to play!  So much so that we’ve been trying to teach them “Time Out” which basically means, enough play time – let’s settle down.  It’s been fun to watch them but definitely makes training a little more challenging then when it is just the two of us in my apartment.  
I’ll be back in Richmond on Tuesday for some meetings this week and then off to camp this weekend for the Play! So for now I’m just trying to soak up all the family time I can. 
As always though, here is a corny joke to start the week of right! 

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