Manic Monday (6)

This week’s task is a big one!  It is also time sensitive since I’m going to my brother’s graduation party on Saturday and then I am off to the beach.  What is the task?  Post cards… about 140 post cards.

You see each year over the summer I put together a few pictures and print out post cards to send to my  students (that I just had).  I usually write a thank you for a great year and something special that I appreciate about them.  I love doing this because it gives me a chance to recognize each of them and what I love about them.  So many days go by throughout the year when you can’t get to each student individually.  I hate that some days I don’t get to talk to each of them and that some just scoot under the radar.  The post cards give me a chance to let them know I appreciate them in some way.  The only downside to these cards is of course, time.  Sitting down to hand write each note, proof read and fix any errors, can be very time consuming and has caused many hand cramps over the years.  It is so worth it though seeing them on the first day back and having them come by just to say hi and tell me about their summer!

Wish me luck on these, I’ll be by the pool writing them if anyone wants to join. 🙂

Also enjoy today’s corny joke, I thought it was appropriate for this week’s goal!

This year’s post card 🙂 

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