Baby Louis

You may be thinking to yourself, ‘dang, it took Alex awhile to edit those images and blog about it’ and I’d have agree.  The reason though is because I absolutely love them and I’ve been pouring myself into them!  After I left the session I had over 400 images to chose from.  I went through with a fine tooth comb and got out all the ones with blinking eyes, awkward expressions or the occasional spit up and narrowed it down to images that I am truly proud of.  And now I get to share some with you!  But first of course is the back story of this beautiful baby and how we met.

I first met Baby Louis a few months ago when Rachel (his mom) brought him into our school to meet some of the teachers.  Rachel and I used to work together so it was a treat to meet her son (plus I love babies!) and boy is he a doll baby.  A few months ago she reached out to me about doing a session and I have to admit that I was nervous to say yes at first.  I had never taken photographs of a baby before and the idea intimidated me.  But I thought, go for it and see what happens.  Well what happened was magical, and not in the cheesy way where you cry at the end (although I am prone to a tear here or there), but in a wow this feels so natural kind of way.  
I was surprised by how much I loved this experience.  From meeting up with Rachel, her husband and her in-laws, to finding the eye contact with the camera and getting gorgeous catch lights, the whole day went so well and was a lot of fun!  I loved that I could take lifestyle portraits and formal portraits and that I felt like I could take my time.  I loved that I could be weird and make strange sounds and Louis just looked interested.  I loved seeing his eyes light up when his grandfather sang itsy bitsy spider and getting the images of the smiles, the eye contact and the bubbles.  This is such a special time for a family and seeing the joy that a baby can bring into everyone’s life is so amazing!  
Rachel, thank you so much for letting me spend time with your sweet family!  Your baby is amazing and I loved getting to capture these moments!  

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