Lucas 6 Month Portraits

This post is extra special to me because it is about friends that I have known for a long time.  Coming to JMU as a young and very naive freshman I decided early to join a sorority to help me meet new people.  Through this experience I got my Big Sister Jacquelyn who quickly became one of my closest friends.  She was my saving grace freshman year; she took care of me when I had bad days, watched out for me when I would try to order pizza late night with no dining dollars and showed me what it meant to be a dedicated member of an organization.  

It was at JMU that she met Quest and I knew instantly that he was special.  Quest is down to earth, easy to talk to and a lot of fun!  I did not truly appreciate how much fun he really was until I saw him singing Karaoke in Winchester for Apple Blossom and let me tell you, he had the crowd on their feet! 
Now they are married and have the most precious baby Lucas!  I thought it would feel a little weird seeing friends of mine as parents but nothing could be further from the truth.  I’ve realized that this new stage of growing up is so amazing!  Seeing Jacquelyn and Quest as parents just made me more excited to see all of our friends start families.  Meeting Lucas was getting to see the best of two amazing people put together into a new life.  It sounds cheesy but it’s true!  Lucas is sweet and laid back like Jacquelyn and he is a giggle monster who spends his days smiling like Quest.  He would light up when his Dad started to goof around and you couldn’t get him to stop laughing (not that you would want to).  
I loved this session, getting to spend time with good friends and even better parents!  I love these images so much that I wish it was socially acceptable for me to make prints and have them out and about in my house.  Take a look for yourself, you’ll fall in love with these baby blue eyes and giggles 🙂 

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