Sarah & Sean Engagement Session

Heading down to Williamsburg a few weekends ago felt particularly special.  I was offered the chance to take Sarah and Sean’s engagement pictures in a place where they had their first date and where they got engaged!  Now I love Williamsburg and all its’ historic charm so when Sarah suggested it I was definitely on board.

We had the session booked for the golden hour on Saturday and on Friday at school when talking to Sarah about the session she mentioned “hey have you seen the weather….?”.  Me being the person I am hadn’t checked the weather since… I went to the beach in August?  So when she said it would be raining I started going into backup plan mode.  We talked about other dates but with her closing day and move in weekend on their brand new home (which they were building, a total dream of mine) coming soon, dates were looking tight.  I mentioned to her that if it was overcast we could still do it during any time of the day.  We decided to go with the flow, plan for early afternoon in Williamsburg and see what happened.

Well the weather was perfect for us!  It was overcast which provided some great even lighting and the rain held off until about 15 minutes after we ended the session.  We started in historic Williamsburg on the bench where Sean proposed and then worked our way around finding little nooks and crannies (Williamsburg’s specialty).  I love these images, especially since Sarah is such a dear work friend and Sean, even though I don’t know him well, is an Orioles fan so I know he is a great guy!


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