Meet the Mullins

Where do I start with this!?  After seeing Sarah’s Maternity images, Brandy (her cousin) contacted me about doing family portraits.  Since they are Sarah and Sterling’s family I’ve been around them multiple times throughout the past few years.  This family of five is full of life and love and they are so fun!   So naturally I was excited with the idea of traveling down to the mountains of Charlottesville with the beautiful fall leaves and five beautiful faces!

Brandy is the type of client that everyone would want, she was so excited and prepared for the day of, bringing props, outfit changes and completely trusting!  Both her and her husband Chris were so helpful throughout entire session and were up for anything.  The kids were great sports, lying in the leaves, climbing over fences and even being goofy and cheesy!  Meanwhile Brandy was offering to hold reflectors while Chris gave me a “leg up” as I sat on his shoulder to get a good height advantage.  You know because even with a step ladder, my 5’1″ stature just wouldn’t cut it! Oh and there is a picture of this thanks to my good friend Beth, (who I’m convinced is my good luck charm, being my assistant for these past few sessions).

What do I love about these images, ahh let me count the ways.  The light.  The smiles.  The glow.  The family.  The leaves.  The orange.  The yellow.  The love that binds them all together.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.  What a beautiful day with a beautiful family!

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