Winnie Bug!

My Winnie bug is 7 months old, eek!  On one hand I can’t believe how much time has passed since I first picked her up and on the other I feel like she’s been a part of my life forever.  People always say that you won’t remember what life was like before you had your dog, and it is so true! I love her to pieces and can’t imagine not having her around.

In my first post about Winnie I mentioned all of her obvious traits, her calm nature, the ease of training her, and her intelligence but now that it’s been awhile longer, naturally I know her better.  She is still calm and pretty easy to train because she is so smart but she is also sweet and sassy. She knows when to pretend like she doesn’t understand me with her quick little head tilt and when to snuggle up to get something she wants.  When she got spayed I was giving her the medicine by putting it into peanut butter on a spoon.  Well she has since hidden a stash of spoons so that every so often she can grab one, bring it up to me, toss it in front of me and sit eagerly waiting for her treat.  Then if I don’t get the peanut butter right away she’ll put a paw up on me as if to say “Um excuse me but I’d really like some peanut butter, I even brought you the spoon.”  See what I mean, sassy.

Our impromptu photo shoot started a few weeks ago when the leaves were changing and I found myself sitting on my couch, looking out onto my porch.  My back porch faces out into a wooded area and since I’m on the third floor the trees’ canopies fall right by edge.  This creates the most beautiful back drop and when the light hits the leaves just right, it is amazing.  So backtrack, I’m sitting on the couch looking at these gorgeous fall colors and the light is perfect.  All I can think about is how I want to take pictures with these leaves in the background.  So I grab Winnie and of course I decide “Okay, I want the leaves in the background without the porch fence in it so…. okay, I’ll put her on the table”.  Well this lasted about 20 seconds because she was so mad that I had her on this shaky metal table that the pictures just looked terrible (despite the leaves!).  So now I grabbed the leash and decided we were going to just walk until we found some good spots, and boy did we ever!  The leaves right outside my apartment unit were still in the perfect state where there are plenty on the trees but the ground was also covered, making it so colorful and fun!  Then we kept walking and found these gorgeous red bushes right in the middle of a deserted parking lot where I usually play fetch with her.  So with my camera in hand, we had an impromptu photo shoot, off leash too! (She was a champ and such a good listener!)

Here are some of my favorites from the day, I just love the colors and of course, this cute face!

This is obviously not Winnie but I just love the colors. 

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