Best of Friends

Best of Friends 

One of the best parts of being home for breaks is that my puppy Winnie gets a lot more attention.  When it’s just me and her in Richmond she has to spend most of the day by herself while I’m at work and now that it is dark so early our walks are shorter because we lose the light.  Even on the weekends she is by herself sometimes while I’m out and about at sessions.  She always looks at me with those pitiful eyes that are just so sad it breaks my heart.  When we get here to Baltimore though she has my parents, my siblings and our family dog to play with.  She wakes up each morning with my parents and gets to run around outside and play as much as she wants.  She is exhausted by the end of the day with no alone time and so much attention.   
When I first brought Winnie home, Bailey our family dog was annoyed to say the least.  You could tell she did not understand who or what this other animal was and why she was getting so much attention.  She hated it!  She would run in circles around Winnie barking as loud as possible in her face and then antagonizing her with every step she made.  Winnie found her way by waiting until Bailey was asleep and then venturing closer and eventually playing with Bailey’s tail.   
Looking at them now, you would never know they had a rough start.  Bailey wakes up and comes downstairs first and as soon as Winnie hears her she is whining by the door begging to go play.  They constantly are entangled, either pretend wrestling, running after toys together, chasing one another or snuggling.  It is so fun to watch and heart breaking when we leave and I watch Winnie just sulk around looking for Bailey.  But in the meantime I’m going to soak it up and wear her out.  
Here are some pictures of the girls hanging out.  Special thanks to my brother Bradley who held treats up by my camera to keep the girls’ attention.  🙂 

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