Brannock Christmas

Seeing as it is the new year (yay for 2015) and holiday cards have gone out, I am finally sharing my winter sessions from this past holiday season.  First up is obviously a favorite for personal reasons seeing that is my Big (sorority sister) and her precious family.  You may remember them and their precious baby from earlier this year when I took Lucas’ 6 month images in August.  Almost right after the first session Jacquelyn contacted me about christmas pictures, it worked out perfectly too because it coincided with another baby milestone, 9 months :).

We decided to go to a christmas tree farm and found one right in the middle between DC and Richmond.   We packed blankets and they brought the cutest outfit changes for Lucas.  Just wait until you see this little guy all decked out, the cutest!  The best part about this session was that we obviously know each other, being friends from college, but since we already did a session together in the summer we both knew what to expect and how everything would unfold.  We walked around the farm and found some great locations with beautiful light!  We even found little baby christmas trees for Lucas to sit with, just his size 🙂  I just love getting to see this little guy get bigger and bigger and learning a little more.  He was sitting up and laughing, making eye contact and was very interactive.  The best part, when Quest had the stuffed giraffe on his head making voices so Lucas would laugh, of course it worked like a charm!  All around, great day with great friends and beautiful loving hearts!  
There is so much joy in these images, take a look and see for yourselves!

 Now the picture below is the same as the one above but I genuinely can’t decide if I like it better in color or black and white so I had to include both!

 He loved to stick out his tongue!  What a little ham!

 Can you see the slight rainbow!?  I have no idea how this happened but it looks kind of cool!

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