Living amongst the Branches

Branch Family ’14

The best part about this family portrait session was that the kids loved to play!  As soon as I got there they wanted to climb the trees and show me their secret fort and run around with their dog, it was so fun!  I also liked the fact that their last name is Branch and they liked to climb in trees… get it… trees, branches… they are the Branch family.  Okay well anyway, moving on.  This family was not only fun but also so outgoing and easy to photography.  The kids loved having their pictures taken and wanted to hang out with me.  They also loved each other and that is so obvious in these images.  The oldest son, Patteson (cool name right!?), was the caretaker, he loved his younger siblings and wanted to help them and play with them.  It was so cute!  He would help the younger kids into the tree and onto their bikes and would draw them pictures with chalk on their driveway.  The other two kids loved to explore and play with one another and with their older brother.  You can tell that they take care of each other and enjoy being around one another.  Even family portraits were a blast as Eliza and Pat made funny jokes and comments to keep the kids genuinely laughing.  
I love these images because of the bokeh in the background, bright and beautiful smiles and the colors from the trees.  Even in late November you can get great images outside!  Also as most people know, trees are one of my favorite things so taking images with branches weaving in and out just puts them on the top of my “loves” list.  For those who don’t know the “loves” list is my list of images I would love to frame if it wasn’t creepy to have framed images of other people’s family in your own home, haha.  
This picture is definitely on my “loves” list!  I think my favorite part besides her colorful eyes is the missing tooth!  So fun!  

The girls! 

Charlie loves to run and play!  

“Loves” list for sure!  I’ll take pictures of kids in branches everyday! 

Ditto for this image!  I love that it seems as though she’s on a grand adventure, looking off into the world.  Especially in the pink dress!  Definitely one of my top 10 favorite images from the year! 

I hate to say goodbye but I have to leaf now.  (haha!) 

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