Wilson Family

Wilson Family 

I got out of my car for this session and the first thing I hear is Rod saying to Camden “Now what do we say?” and a cute little voice pipes up “GO O’s!!” and I knew it was going to be fun! Rod and I work together as teachers and his wife Stacey is also a teacher.  Besides our common bond of working with kids every day, the Wilson family and I share a deep and meaningful love, for the Baltimore Orioles.  Rod and Stacey’s daughter is in fact named Camden for this very reason and for those of you who don’t know Camden Yards is where the Orioles play in Baltimore.  It’s fun working with people at work who share the same excitement on opening day and who can talk stats with me.  Being so far away from home, I often get homesick but having people around who get excited for the Orioles, makes me feel like I’m back in Baltimore on a Friday.  
Now all the Orioles talk aside, when Rod mentioned that he wanted portraits taken I was pumped, his family is precious and Stacey and him just had a little boy last spring!  We met on an early morning at Echo Lake Park with loads of blankets since it was the beginning of December.  I’ve been feeling pretty spoiled lately because of all my sessions, some of which in really cold temperatures, all of the kids have been really good sports, seriously!  Camden and Nolan were no different, they were champs even!  For being so little and probably pretty cold, you would never have guessed.  Camden and I walked around playing the Alphabet game and Nolan, well Nolan did his own thing.  He’s definitely going to be a cool kid who is cute to boot with his cool dude attitude.  As Stacey and I walked she answered all my questions about the tacky light tour, because they are in it!  (Their house that is, not them, obviously).  All around great day with big smiles and beautiful pictures.  The best part though had to be at the end when Rod asked to get pictures with just him and Stacey.  They were so cute, totally in love with two kids as if they were still just college sweet hearts.  I loved having time to get pictures of the two of them and hope to make a point to do this in the future with other families.  It’s important to remember where the family started and capture a growing love.  I’m so glad Rod asked for this because I just love the images of the two of them.  
Welp, I hope you enjoy these images and I’ll leave you with some wise words from Camden “Let’s Go O’s!” 

I just love this picture of Stacey and Camden! 

She really is so sweet!

Nolan does not look impressed but gosh it’s so cute! 

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