Meet the Meadors

Meador Family ’14

This is another school family who I officially love!  Mindy and I work together, she in the Math department and I in the science department.  She’s going to think this is super cheesy but I really look up to her in a lot of ways.  She is always so stoic at school, she maintains an even tone with any type of student and handles discipline with grace.  She’s also a board certified teacher which I would love to be someday!  Her husband Scott and I have only met a handful of times, a few when they host game night at their house for the teachers and then again the day I did this session.  He’s very laid back and funny, in a dry sense of humor kind of way, which is great because it’s not obvious to just anyone but when you get to talking it’s a great time!  
Mindy and Scott have two adorable boys, Brandon and Ethan.  Brandon just started kindergarden this year so when we met he was very excited to tell me about all the things he knew!  He has the cutest little voice that annunciates each syllable which I find especially precious!  Ethan was the calmest baby, it was very cold that morning and they had him all bundled up and that little man just relaxed the whole time.  
What I love about these images besides their great expressions is the colors!  What a perfect fall day, looking at these makes me miss the leaves.  Mindy and Scott, thank you for bearing with me in the cold and bringing the cutest little boys to get photographed!  I loved getting to see you all together and especially getting to chat it up with Brandon!  Welp I hope you have a great Monday and enjoy seeing the Meadors!

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